3 March, 2014

SUPIC Helps Woman Achieve Dream

It’s the wish of a dying woman–to spend her last days surrounded by her family and one last dream vacation.  In September 2014, Julie Falo learned that she had Renal Failure and Stage 4 Cancer.  Her doctors gave her the dire news; she only had a couple of weeks left to live.  One final request Julie had was to attend the production of “The Little Mermaid” at Tuacahn Amphitheatre.  This mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend to so many only wanted her last moments to be with her family.  Julie mentioned her dream to several friends in northern Utah and a fundraising campaign was quickly formed.  Southern Utah Pacific Islander Coalition, with the help of some friends at Tuacahn, was able to secure four seats to the show.  Her husband Pati Kulesa said the following:

“Please know the finger of the Lord was in the details of this trip, an example of this was when we were going to the Little Mermaid show, dark clouds hung over the whole area including where the show was going to be held, as we got closer I took a picture of the Sun [Son], shining through the midst of the dark clouds reminding me the SON will always shine through the darkness.  As we ate, it started to drizzle and off in the distance we saw a large and small rainbow, 2 of them, reminding me The Father and Son will, through the Holy Ghost, remind me and us THEY are there and here for us, ALWAYS.  It was a fitting reminder of the Love our Father has for us and in this trip, Julie, that He orchestrated His Children and moved the heavens to make this final farewell here on Earth for my sweet wife a wonderful experience.”

After a weekend of pampering in southern Utah, Julie and her family returned home.  She passed away on September 27, surrounded by loved ones in her home in Orem.  She was 42.

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