Rae Matalolo

Board Member - Education

My name is Rae Matalolo, and I am from the small island of Enterprise, Utah. My traditional lineage is with the Undercover People (“Bit’ahnii”) from the Four Corners, Utah area, born for the Red Streak People (“Deeshchíí’nii”) from Page, Arizona. My parents are Adakai and Joann Stevens from Bitter Springs, Arizona.

I grew up in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada and decided St. George was the place to be 20+ years ago. I am married to an amazing man from small village of Aua in American Samoa, and we have three children, Tino, Seal, and Tai.

I’ve lived in Southern Utah for the majority of my life. I currently work at Dixie State University as the HR Manager/Information Systems Administrator in the Human Resources Office. I also earned her bachelor degree in visual technologies, business, and computer programming; and a master degree in public policy.

I’ve had a great opportunity to serve on various committees and I served as the Miss Indian Dixie State 1994-1995.